YAP&E: Helping you find your feet in Lagos


Moving to Lagos is both an exciting and scary journey. I've spent most of my life in Nigeria, then I moved away without my family for a while and then moved back again.

When I returned fresh off the boat, I realised I had lost touch with most of my old work contacts and friends. It felt just as though I had moved to a new city, only advantage I had this time was I didn't need Google maps or TripAdvisor to find my way around.

One of the first things I did when I was moving back was head over to meetup.com. While living in Europe, this was my best site for finding things to do and meeting people with similar interest. Sadly all I could find was one meet up group in Lagos. I had hoped for more.

One of the things that made my transition back into the Lagos life easier was Young Adult Professionals and Entrepreneurs (YAP&E).

With Channels TV producer and reporter Oreoluwa Shonibare at a YAP&E event.

For the past one year, YAP&E has been creating an avenue for forward-thinking professionals and entrepreneurs from several industries to connect and collaborate. From attending the events in Lagos, I was able to make new friends and connections that cam in handy during my time as a freelance journalist.

Listen/watch my report of my first YAP&E experience here: