Woman Rediscover Yourself: Who Am I?


As I drove hurriedly to pick my children from school on a rainy afternoon, I kept running into annoying bites of traffics. First it was the traffic lights at the junction that seems out of control, then a couple of tricycle riders arguing right in the middle of the road! I almost couldn't believe it as we all drove past them, no one paused to caution them to get off the road. They could have at least moved their tricycles off the road and be considerate to other road users. As I pondered on how lawless and how bad things have degenerated to in this beautiful city we all claim to love and cherish, suddenly a beautiful metallic coloured Range Rover jeep, one of the latest editions sped past me. The plate number caught my attention even more. I sped up to get a better glimpse of the numbers.

WOW!! “Adorable”?

Who would name their car adorable? She must be adorable or thinks she is. Could it be her bae that named it adorable? Or is she just leaving a false fancy life? Is she so secure in herself, she believes she is adorable? Oh my, oh my!!! I kept on using different painkillers on someone else's headache, till I drove past my children school.

"Haa! Not again", I screamed as I noticed I was three minutes past my children closing time.

What is this life sef? What is this race I keep running into sef? What really is the essence of life? Why am I on earth? Why can't I just live for the latest of cars, best of houses, exotic vacations, spa times and those fun parties. Seriously I love them and am not going to pretend as not. I love my life, but could there be more to life? Am I missing out on something? Can I actually have other names aside mum, wifey, bestie and be happy about them?

So much responsibility.

Hmnnnm!!! So so many questions! Pause for reflections!


It's a journey! It's a process! It takes time!

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Woman Rediscover Yourself is a series by Mobola Ellen Abajingin.