What do you know about 'Tropical Fish'?


This November, The Sunshine Book Club is reading Tropical Fish by Doreen Baingana.

The book was published in 2008 by Cassava Republic. Here's a breakdown of what the book is about:

Tropical Fish follows the three Mugisha sisters, as they grow up against the backdrop of Uganda in the 1980s. Patti is a born-again Christian, Rosa is adventurous and sexually precocious. The star of the show however is Christine. We travel with her as she takes her first wobbly steps in high heels and later encounters the alienation amidst material wealth of America, before her final return home.

Through eight interlocking stories, Tropical Fish explores themes as diverse as the family, sex and relationships, disease, betrayal, and spirituality. Doreen Baingana paints an engrossing and unforgettable picture of young women coming of age in Africa.

'Tropical Fish' won the Commonwealth Writers’ Prize Best First Book Award (Africa region) in 2006. Born in Uganda, the book's author Doreen Baingana is also a lawyer and an editor.

Here's where you can buy the book:

In store:

Terra Kulture, Lagos

Online: Cassava Republic


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