The Sunshine Book Club: That time we read ‘Bury me Come Sunday Afternoon’

Three meetings done. Never thought we would get to the point where would be planning our fourth meeting

as some people would rather turn up crash a wedding or sleep than come to a meeting where a group of strangers with a passion for life, adventure and books sit to discuss a book.

The support has been overwhelming and I say thank you all.

The Sunshine Book Club has held its fourth meeting in Lagos, Nigeria. On Saturday, August 27, 2016 we gathered at Quintessence in Park View Estate, Ikoyi to discuss Nikę Campbell Fatoki's new book‘Bury Me Come Sunday Afternoon’.


For a book of short stories, it stirred quite a bit of debate.The book characters connected with several attendees as it seemed during the discussions it was revealed we had come across characters like those in the book.

Published in 2016, ‘Bury Me Come Sunday Afternoon', is Campbell Fatoki's second book following her debut novel 'Thread of Gold Beads.

At the end of the meeting, our monthly vote took place and 'When Lemons Grow On Orange Trees' by Diekara Oloruntoba-Oju was voted as the book of the month.

The next meeting comes up on September 24, 2016 at Quintessence.

Shall we have scones at the next meeting or mince pies maybe? Drop us an email