The show must go on!

It’s been such a long time I know and I apologise for my absence. In March 2014, I decided to rebrand That Ré Of Sunshine (you may have noticed). What was meant to take at least a month eventually became five months of tweaking here and there, back and forth with the website builders, and even making family and friends fill out surveys about logo designs and web templates. 

Thankfully, we’re back and not going anywhere.

For those of you visiting here for the first time, That Ré of Sunshine is a hub for adventurers. A place for people who want a little more and they journey on this quest called life.

What’s new?

We’ve got a new logo which I absolutely love.

The new That Ré of Sunshine logo.

Deciding on a logo was super hard. The team, family members and friends all had to vote and the logo above was the champion.

The logo is not the only thing that's new, the website design is new as well. It’s not as perfect as I would have liked it to be, but the withdrawal from TROS was so real, so this will have to do for now. (Back to the coding books for me).

Quite frankly there are times I think no one reads anything I publish here, so I was super overwhelmed reading all your messages. To everyone who emailed and sent us messages on Facebook, God bless you! To everyone who actually called or walked up to me to say what's going on, I say thank you.

Our sunshine journey continues.

What are your thoughts of the new website? Drop a comment below.

Quick shout out: I would like to dedicate Kaliné’s 'Tell You of My Love' to every member of the sunshine army.