The #Handfie Takeover


But first, let me take a handfie

Move over selfies, there's a new fad on social media and it's called the "Handfie". As the name kind of suggests, the handfie is all about the hands. This means, no selfies and definitely not pictures of food or your cat.

The #Handfie is a global campaign initiated by Dettol to advocate people to keep their hands clean. The campaign is a build up towards this year's Global Handwashing Day on 15 October. Global Handwashing Day (GHD) reinforces good hand hygiene and supports the practice of washing ones hands with soap. 

As part of this year's GHD celebration, Dettol has chosen eight celebrities in Nigeria to be its campaign ambassadors. They are Omoni Oboli, Andre Blaze, Wana WanaCheta NwanzeWajeOlori Supergal , Tosyn Bucknor and Toks. As part of the campaign, each celebrity will be posting up pictures of their handfies and encouraging their followers to do the same. Each celebrity has adopted a school/charity and at the end of the campaign, Dettol will donate a specific amount to the chosen charity of the celebrity with the most generated handfies. 

It's time to join the trend. Wondering what's in it for you apart from clean hands and likes? Well Domino's Pizza (Nigeria) will be giving free pizzas to the 100 most active people involved in the movement. To win a free pizza, all you have to do is post your picture on social media, tag one of the ambassadors and Domino's and include the hashtag - #Handfie.

For more information, visit the Dettol Nigeria Facebook page.

Written by Princess Irede Abumere (@PrincessIre)