Osahon Asemota & Temitope Odusanya tie the knot!

Temi & Michael: Promised. A Memphis River Engagement. Photo credit: Amy Hutchinson Osahon Michael Asemota is officially a married man. The African music industry mogul tied the knot with his fiancée Temitope Odusanya in a traditional ceremony in Lagos Nigeria on 16 August, 2014. The ceremony was attended by several celebrities and executives from the Nigerian music and entertainment industry.

The proposal

Who doesn't love a romantic proposal story. It's a little long, so we'll give you a summary. The couple had returned from the annual Winship  "Win the Fight" 5K Walk/Run, Osahon says to Temi lets go spend the afternoon in an amusement park, Osahon enters the address into the GPS, Temi drives not sure of where they are going. Next thing, they're at an airstrip, then on a helicopter and Osahon proposes to Temitope over the city of Atlanta mid air! Ok, that was a little fast right? Here's what they said:

Temitope: So while we were in the air, about two thousand plus feet, he was trying to speak to me over the aircraft radio comms, but there was so much interference and I could hardly hear him, not knowing he was making a speech and trying to build up into popping the question, then he starts texting me…

Osahon: Let me take it from here… so I’m trying to talk to this woman, telling her how much I loved her and all, then I realized she can’t hear me  and was so into the scenery below us (Everyone who knows Tope knows she is a nature lover.), but  I could hear everyone else (sad I picked a crappy headset to fly with), so I took my phone and started texting her but that wasn’t going too well either, it would send on my phone but won’t deliver on hers… lol, at this point I had to show her what I had typed on my phone, asking her if she would marry me, even though I didn’t have a ring on me and she said YES, ring or not, she will…

Temitope: Hahaha… only because I didn’t want him jumping out of the aircraft, lol! Anyway, after flying around the city, taking in the scenery, we headed back to the airport and landed, we got out of the helicopter thinking that was fun, little did I know it wasn’t over. He turns to one of the two gentlemen and asked if he could take a picture of us and hands him the camera, after the first two pictures were taken, he turns to me and goes down on one knee and says to me again… "I don’t have a ring yet but I have two witness standing here, I also know what I want and how much I love you and what I want, is to spend the rest of my life with you, will you marry me?” so again…. I said yes, then he says “well it’s not really official without a ring” and I’m thinking to myself… huh? He then reaches into his pocket and pulls out this gorgeous RING and says for the third time that day, “Temitope Odusanya, will you marry me?” and for the third time too, I said YES, he puts the ring on my finger and we hug… we kiss… took more pictures and tell each other I love you.

The former MTV Base talent manager says:

"About four months into our relationship, I knew I was going to marry this woman because in all my relationships, no one had made me feel this way or had brought out the husband side of me… lol, I knew I wanted to make her happy for the rest of her life."


The white wedding is set to hold in October in Memphis, USA. Congratulations to the couple from the sunshine family. Check out pictures from the traditional wedding in the slide show below.

Traditional wedding photo credit: Shola Animashaun

Post by Princess Irede Abumere (@PrincessIre)