New Year, Who 'Dis?


Every year on December 31 as with most Nigerian families, we gather at church for a cross over service. My family attends an Anglican church and there’s one constant thing in every single service I’ve attended to date - the message of hope.

What does the new year mean for you?

2018 was a really good year - it marked a new decade in my life and for that I’m thankful. The only regrets I had were wasting time worrying and wasting time with people I should have never let into my life. Well there were lessons that needed to be learnt.

Every new year, brings new opportunity; opportunity to invest, reset, rejuvenate and grow. Sometimes we’re too distracted with pressure around us from work, relationships and responsibilities to acknowledge the opportunities and the magic happening right in from t of us.

For me, 2019 is about embracing all of me.


New year, who ‘dis?

The plan this year is simple: I’m going to live my life.

Are you setting any goals or making any resolutions? Do share. And if you’re not, do share why.

Happy New Year Folks!