New Music | Remi - "Open Up Your Heart"

OPEN UP YOUR HEART 1 Nigerian artist and producer Remi has released a new single titled "Open Up Your Heart". The soft rock track infused with elements of afrobeat features BlackMagic

On "Open Up Your Heart", the singer gives advice for guys and girls looking to get out of the "friend zone". Remi also shares his mischievous side on his new single with lyrics like:

"Let my hands touch your hand,

then my lips touch your lips,

and then we start to kiss (yeah ,yeah, yeah).

Place my hands on your hips and then my chest on your chest,

and that's about as much as we can say on the radio!"

The BadGang Ent artist is set to release his first EP also titled "Open Up Your Heart" later this year. Listen to his new single here:

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Post by Princess Irede Abumere (@PrincessIre)