Lost & restored, That Ré Of Sunshine is back!


I lost my bank card, I lost my keys,

I lost my favourite vest,

I lost my appetite,

I lost my email password.

They say you never know what you’ve lost till it’s gone . . .

And then I lost my website.

Have you ever been confronted with bad news smack when you are in the middle of hosting people and you have to smile till all your guests have left and then scream and panic after.

This was me two weeks ago. My website disappeared. The That Ré Of Sunshine website got lost . . . all because I forgot to pay $8 for hosting!

Right in the middle of the Sunshine Book Club meeting someone informed me there was nothing on the site. I laughed it off, checked my phone and choked silently. . .

Five years worth of content gone . . . I was foolish enough to have been backing up my files on the same platform I was using for hosting.

After hours of calling IT experts in the UK and US I found out my files were all safe in a ‘disaster backup folder’ on a server somewhere.

I was posed with the option of starting over but I didn’t want to.

I needed everything back.

Someone said to me it’s just a blog – start over. In my mind, I knocked that person over.

That Ré Of Sunshine is an identity – it’s a part of me. Even as I grow, it’ll always serve as a reminder of my becoming.

I’ve celebrated milestones with TROS, I’ve mourned on TROS, I’ve gone through changes with TROS, I’ve connected with strangers and friends through TROS – so no – I didn’t want to start over. TROS has opened doors for me.

I swear my mind was going to all kind of places over this website – I was going half crazy (ok I’m exaggerating – but you get what I mean).

Couple of dollars and days later, my baby is back!!! That Re Of Sunshine is up and running again.

I found my bank card,

I got a new set of keys,

I got a new vest,

My appetite came back (with a weird craving for bread, sugar, pepper),

I changed my email password,

I spent a chunk of money I didn’t plan on,

And I got my website back up.

Lesson learnt:

Back up your files!

Set reminders!

Don't procrastinate. Ever!

Looking forward to more adventures and life changing moments with you all.