I visited 4 cities in one day!

I'm a city hopper. Sadly being in Nigeria hasn't really afforded me the chance to go city hopping as much as I'd like to.

One of my best friend's Livvy's birthday we decided to do something special and memorable; so we visited four countries in one day.

We cooked breakfast in Lagos and hoped on a G.U.O bus and headed out. 5:45AM on October 13, 2016 and the bus park was filled with travellers. I thought we were in a recession? Where is everyone going?

Seme Border

This is the border between Nigeria and Benin Republic. This isn't far from Badagry in Lagos, Nigeria. As we drove through Benin I admired the architecture and how the motorcycle drivers weren't as crazy as the one's back home. Livvy slept. She was we were up till quarter to 2AM decorating cakes.



As we walked (yes walked) through the border of Benin and Togo, Livvy who is a chef decided we had to try the street food. We had fried yam with turkey leg.

"There's just something about the red turkey legs", she said. Interesting thing, the vendors at near the border collected CFA Franc, Nigerian Naira and Ghanaian Cedi.

In Togo, Livvy admired the palm trees, beach front and the ocean on the drive said this reminded of Miami. Meanwhile our driver who brought a lot of humour to the long trip said in Igbo:

"You can get to America from here . . . It will only take you three months".


By evening, we arrived Ghana, exhausted and excited.