I am woman, hear me roar!


So guest writer and all I was pretty stumped what to write about, this blog is pretty awesome and I wanted to write something suitable for its adventure theme. And then I remembered the “Woman Rediscover Yourself” post which reminded me of a survey I had taken online for the “I Am Woman #HearMeRoar” campaign. I immediately knew I wanted to write about that, being a woman inspired by other women. First of all to understand the #HearMeRoar campaign, you’ll need to understand the slogan itself. It’s taken from Helen Reddy’s song, I am a woman hear me roar, and just in case you never heard it before:

I am woman, hear me roar In numbers too big to ignore And I know too much to go back an' pretend 'cause I've heard it all before And I've been down there on the floor No one's ever gonna keep me down again

CHORUS Oh yes I am wise But it's wisdom born of pain Yes, I've paid the price But look how much I gained If I have to, I can do anything I am strong (strong) I am invincible (invincible) I am woman

You can bend but never break me 'cause it only serves to make me More determined to achieve my final goal And I come back even stronger Not a novice any longer 'cause you've deepened the conviction in my soul


This is an amazing song for anyone slightly interested in women worldwide finding their place in today’s world. First time I heard this song I was humbled that decades before I was born a woman had written a song that would come to mean so much to my generation of women and what we stand for; to be heard, to be seen, to be treated fairly, to be respected, to be human. 20 plus years down the line we are still singing this song.

As much as things have changed, nothing has changed. We will want to roar, some of us are roaring, others are trying to roar and in all of it? We are invincible, we are women.

So meeting Princess and women/ladies like her remind me that we may not be there but we are definitely on the right path. Every day I meet women who are determined to be heard, consistently working towards being the ultimate they can be. And they amaze me, they remind me that so many have been before me and many more are behind me and I owe them my best. It’s the women who fought before us like Irene W. Griffin, Ella Fitzgerald and Phillis Wheatley who remind us that no step is ever too small towards being your own person.

So find yourself, take some time, relearn and rediscover yourself, and be the best you can be. You can be anything you want. You are not defined by anybody but yourself, when you find where your passions lay? That’s when you find happiness, happiness in doing the things you love, at your own pace, for your own benefit. If you have to? You can do anything! You are a woman let us hear you ROAR!

Post written by Pamela Takyiwaa. Follow her on Twitter: @pamm_rocks