Self-Confidence Day 2: Today is important - dress up for it


All the time we hear - don't judge a book by a cover. But guess what?

We do! Admit it - the first time you met someone you probably judged them for the bag they carried or the shoes they wore. While you are busy looking up the outward appearance of others, they are probably doing the same to you.

"People will react differently to you if you dress as if it matters".


My job involves a lot of running around so I like to dress for comfort and not follow the dress code of any events.

I'm the sort of person who shows to a movie premiere in jeans. The other day I decided to dress up for an event, and the the reaction was wonderful! Movie producers and directors who would snob me spoke to me 'first'! Someone asked me if I was an actress!

And the only difference between that day and any other day was that I didn't wear jeans.

"Dressing nicely does wonders for your 'self-confidence, self-respect and self-esteem".

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