Damilola Kalejaiye - "Love You Anyway"


Dami Kalejaiye: actress, architect and singer. Music and red wine always make me so emotional. Earlier tonight, I needed something to lift up my spirits so I decided to listen to "Worship Medley" by IBK Spaceship Boi featuring Damilola Kalejaiye.

I tweeted about this and got a RT from Damilola, so I decided to stalk her timeline and found that the "Smile" singer had released a new love song titled "Love You Anyway" a few hours before Valentine's day came to an end. I listened to it and was moved by her voice, the lyrics of the song and the emotions behind it all.

This brand new song is the first she's released in 2015 after taking time out to embark on several projects including acquiring a masters from the University of Sheffield and starring in "Saro" the musical.

Damilola's new song was produced by Nigerian producer Big Foot. It was originally recorded by the singer-songwriter in 2010. Listen to her new R&B track here!


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