Countdown to Christmas

Waiting for dinner at The Wick at Both Ends | Photo credit: Princess Abumere
It's only the 23rd day of June and I've found myself singing songs from Michael Buble's "Christmas" album. I especially like his version of "Santa Baby". (Maybe it's because he asks Santa for luxury gifts I'll never be able to afford on a journalist's salary . . . ). 

Speaking of Christmas, last year, I produced my very first TV package. I stood in the freezing cold for almost 5 hours filming the Christmas lights switch on at Sheffield city centre. Thankfully, my friend Julia was there to help me.  

Changes in spending patterns over Christmas 

With changes in the UK economy and the national debt being up to a trillion pounds consumer spending patterns continue to change. Inflation continues to rise despite fixed salaries and more people depending on welfare. Will this affect Christmas? Princess Abumere has more. 

I admit it's a bit dry, but remember it was my first package. Thanks for watching.  My countdown to Christmas continues. :-)