The Martian Has Arrived, IBK Spaceshipboi

"Spaceshipboi, never under estimate that boy . . "
Last month, February 2014, vocalist Emuwawon Ibukun popularly known as IBK Spaceshipboi, released a visual audio album for his "I Come In Peace" album which was released late last year.

IBK Spaceshipboi maybe Nigerian but brace yourselves, he does not come forth with sounds of Afrobeat or typical genres that other Nigerian artists tend to work with. His new album made up of 8 tracks features genres such as gospel, jazz, rap and hip hop with a touch or two of traditional African instruments and sounds. The album features collaborations with Bez, Dami Kalejaiye, Olalekan Maxwell, Stan Iyke and TaiChy.

"He is supernatural always"

The "Spaceship Anthem", which is the first track on the visual album introduces you to who the Spaceshipboi is. "Light In Me" featuring TaiChy is a gospel rap track. Now, there are not that many doing this; I actually don't know of any Nigerian artist who has put out a gospel hip hop track with such style. My favourite line in  this song is "No disrespect to Biggie, that's a little smalls, cause homie I ride with the most glorious".

One of my best songs on the album is "Worship Medley" featuring Dami Kalejaiye. As you can guess, it's another gospel song. It's a really smooth song. I have never heard Yoruba language sound so sweet. This song actually brings tears to my eyes (every single time I listen to it). Dami is such a marvellous singer (with an amazing personality). I would really like to see this song performed live.

IBK showcases his personality in his various songs. His song "Loving You" has this Justin Timberlake and Robin Thicke swing to it. I listened to the a cappella mix of this song before the original, I much prefer the a cappella mix of it.

I like how IBK switches from gospel to singing about love then about food and change. If you are in a public place don't listen to "This Time", because you'll find yourself clapping and shouting "This Time"! (This happened to me on the tram the other day). This song is such a Jazzy record. You can't help but snap your fingers to this.

"I'm on mission, changing the world . . . "

I particularly like the sound of the first instrument that that plays on "The Mission". Not sure if it's a wood block or xylophone. This song featuring Olalekan Maxwell has an influence of traditional Yoruba folk music. IBK is soldier of change, spreading the message of love and courage. I've seen him perform at a couple of Bez's concerts, I'm glad to see he featured Bez on "Sticks and Stones. The song also features Stan Iyke. This song is dedicated to the ladies, it's clearly a contradiction to songs like "Birthday Song" by 2 Chainz and "Bandz a Make Her Dance" by Juicy J. "Baby keeping your body well na so . . .  Don't let nobody tell you, you are as good as the sex you are bringing".  Ladies, you don't need to be a hoe to make it. Three men have made a song about it.

And the album comes to an end with "The Heaven Experience". The name of the song already describes it, such angelic sounds and celestial harmony. This song also brings tears to my eyes. This is a song for the masters, such powerful music!

IBK's "I Come In Peace" album is lyrically rich with lovely music. It's fun, joyful and entertaining. The Spaceshipboi's voice is definitely out of this world! I love his voice. I can't sing (except for food).

I must commend IBK Spaceshipboi for being daring and stepping out of the commercial bullish*t music bandwagon. His "I Come In Peace" album is available on iTunes and Spinlet.