Keeper Of The Sun

The condolence register at the Sheffield Town Hall
Since moving to the Steel City I've hardly felt the sun. Most days it's grey; sometimes the sun does come out and on those days I feel as though it's saying to me: "Hey Ré I'm here, smile, go out and do something". The other day I realised I had started acting as cold as some of the city folk. And that's not who I am. I am warm, loving, I am the daughter of the sun! It seems I might have finally found a heart warmer; God bless TemiDollFace and IBK Spaceshipboi for this.

Now what this two did was write, produce and release an inspirational song titled "Keeper Of The Sun". Their new song is a tribute to late revolutionary leader Nelson Mandela. The song starts off with chants of "Mandiba Mandela", at first you are not sure what turn the song is going to take. Then the dolly (Temidollface) comes on with some enchanting lyrics. The hook of the song is one of those that ropes you in and you don't even realize your fists are pumped and you are singing along. I was very allured by IBK's verse, I felt like it was reminding of the greatness I was born into.

As most of you know I am obsessed with the star at the centre of the solar system. I believe I am from the sun . . . well that is a story I will tell you another day. 

"Seek in yourself what you see . . . "

"I am the future and  I am the one
As long as I see a ray,
I know there's a sun . . .  "

After listening to "Keeper Of The Sun" I concluded I did not need to feel or to see to the sun to remember to smile or be kind. I looked into my mirror and I saw myself Ré, then I looked closer and I saw the sun and the Madiba in me. I am a keeper of the sun. I am That Ré of Sunshine.

Listen to Temi and IBK's track below. :-)