#IresPlaylist: The Sushi Playlist

All I could think was who would eat avocado, crab and mango in the same mix. But I was too polite to say "no thanks". I had just gone to do a recee at the Avenue Suites in Lagos and coincidentally, their sushi bar had just opened that week. I was with FS1 and she was no sushi virgin, but I was. I did attempt to say no but the folks around were excited about the chef's skills and the fact I was the only who had never tried it. As I swallowed the roll, I felt a claw in my throat (of course this was a figment of my imagination). I had to shut my eyes to figure out what I was tasting, the poor chef said my facial expression made him think I was going to spit it out!

Learnt to make sushi yesterday with some friends. It was so much fun. Tasted wasabi for the first time, once again, my facial expression was a killer.

I've been asked repeatedly to kindly put my playlist together in a blog post. Finally got round to it. Decided to call this week's playlist the"Sushi playlist". Enjoy!

Yung L - Fever

Warm Water (Snakeships Remix) - Banks

Jerk Ribs - Kelis

Rather Be - Clean Bandit 

Look Right Through - Storm Queen

Dream - Danny K