Seyi Shay: Wanted For Ragga Dancing

It's 2014 and Seyi Shay has got something new coming out! The singer is set to release a video for her recent single "Ragga Ragga".  Get ready folks 'cause knowing this lady it's going to be HOT!

I remember the first time I heard about Seyi Shay, I was having dinner with the editor/publisher of Mannequin Magazine. She had barely sat down when she said excitedly: "I've got a song you need to listen to."

And she started singing Seyi Shay's "Loving your way" before showing me the video. After watching we admired her voice, how she could sing so smoothly even in pidgin English and her fashion style.

"Loving your way" was stuck in my head for weeks (more like a whole year and I'm singing it right now). Since that night I've listened to almost everything she's released. And thanks to my old job at Base I got to see the songstress perform live.


The official "Ragga Ragga" music video is out! I must say Seyi Shay has started 2014 on a fabulous note. Check out her new video: