Happy Mew Year!

Photo credit: Holly Golabek

Hello there beautiful people! Well if you didn't know, January 2nd is Happy Mew Year for Cats day!

It's another year and I'm absolutely excited about what 2014 has in store. 2013 was great for me, my dreams came true. My visions became reality. And now I am ready for a new challenge.

With this new year, you know what it means for most of us . . .

New year = New me 

Some of us try to re-invent ourselves at the start of a new year. From what I've seen on the social networks most people are like "oh no not that new year new me bull sh*t again". Common guys, I think people are allowed to do what they want, most especially if they decided to re-invent themselves at the beginning of 2014. I think self re-invention be it a change of mind, attitude, name, wardrobe or hair can be refreshing. *sigh . . . If only I could walk into a wardrobe and come out looking like Bey! LOL!

Before judge this image of me: this happened after listening to/watching "BEYONCÉ"

New year = Leaving the past behind 

Now this silly thing called "the past" has a way of following you into the new year. It's what you do with it that matters. If it's something negative and will hold you back from proceeding into the future, throw it out of the window! If it's positive; hold onto that baby and make the best of it.

And the party continues in 2014! 

New year = New year resolutions

I love making new year resolutions. Don't you?

Wishing you all a healthy, bright and prosperous year ahead. Happy New Year folks! (Oh and Happy Mew Year to all the cats out there).