SpongeBob in Lagos

SpongeBob and Nickelodeon specialist Seun Oratokhai
Now when I heard the yellow sponge was in Nigeria I was very upset. I had been looking forward to meeting SpongeBob since 2011. I even told Dora yes Dora The Explorer; we had a lovely chat when she was in Lagos. Thanks to Nickelodeon Africa, I've met Dora, Boots and Diego. 

I'm very upset that SpongeBob Squarepants waited till I left Lagos to go on tour to the West African city. The Nickelodeon character and the Nick Africa team paid surprise visits to Beat FM, Classic FM, Cool FM and Rhythm FM on 25 October 2013 and got to hang out with the cool OAPs. 

SpongeBob is such a star! He even made an appearance at the Eco Star Awards while he was in town. He also had a special meet and greet session with some of his fans at the Viacom Office in Ikoyi, Lagos where he danced and took photos with kids and parents present.

Now I understand why Ntokozo told me to stay in Lagos a little longer. *sniff sniff

Check out pictures from his media tour below:

The "Big Man" Osahon and Lil miss Seme

SponeBob and fans

Doesn't Seun look stunning! Love you mama! 

SpongBob at the Beat FM with Toolz, Jimmy and Koch

SpongeBob at Cool FM with Mercy, Mannie and Shine

I told you he was such a star! He even had a body guard!

SpongeBob and Bukky at Classic FM
 “Well, it’s no secret that the best thing about a secret is secretly telling someone your secret, thereby adding another secret to their secret collection of secrets, secretly.” - SpongeBob
Well my secret is I'll be going to Orlando to see my girl Dora and pay SpongeBob a surprise visit next summer! Sssshhhhhh don't tell anyone.

Happy November folks!

Princess Irede