The Memory Of You

Wasn't going to write this but hey, it wouldn't hurt right?

We haven't spoken in exactly a year,

Cause you're not here,

And I've got so much to share. 

Life has left us with our emotions bare,

But we don't care because of LOVE.

Because of LOVE 

The memories of you were made even stronger,

Friendship bonds were made tighter,

And our dreams soared higher.

The memory of you has taught me a few things:

The memory of you has taught me to smile,

I remember wanting to run into bed and hide after a hard day at work, but you would never let me,

That's when you remember you'd need to talk to me about something random and make me laugh.  

The memory of you has taught me to express myself,

I remember you constantly remember you telling me to say how I feel and not be afraid to say things as they are.

The memory of you has taught me talk,

I miss your random messages telling me to come outside so we could catch up on work gist, and chat about life, our dreams and future plans.  

The memory of you has taught me to believe in myself,

The memory of you has taught me to chase my dreams,

I wish you were here so I could tell you in person that I finally took that BIG step and my dreams are about to come true. 

The memory of you has taught me to observe and take life easy.

I've missed watching the joggers run past us and watching you pretend not to notice that the girls slow down every time they run past to stare at you. Oh, by the way, your brother told me you were working out. I knew it!

The memory of you has taught me to eat popcorn and not care.

Almost every time I'd catch you with popcorn I'd say I didn't want some because of it getting stuck in my teeth. Even after saying this I'd shamefully eat your whole bag of popcorn. 

The memory of you taught me so much;

To love and to care because that's what you did.

You maybe gone, but the memory of you continues to live in our hearts.

Sometimes when I get back from work, I stand outside for a bit waiting to see if your yellow face would emerge from the black gate.

Continue to rest in peace my friend, Aboyowa '


' Harriman.


Princess Irede

P.S. I know I said I wouldn't forget but I almost forgot your birthday again this year, (*covers face in shame) but your mum reminded me. :-)