Dramatic Morning In Lagos

This morning I cried. No, it wasn't funny.

I was on my way to work in Ikoyi when a frustrated man deliberately hit my car. As a result of the traffic coming from the new Lekki bridge in the mornings and afternoons, Lagos State Traffic Management Authority (LASTMA) has now placed dividers at all the u-turns coming from Osborne road to Gerrad road to Alexander road up to the round about. So now to get to Park View in the mornings, I have to go all the way to the round about at Alexandra road.

I was on my usual route when this insane driver decided to over take me at the round about and rammed into my poor Vanilla (that's what I call my car). Before he hit me, I saw him speeding up from the side, I slowed down yet this crazy driver went bang into my car. I was so stunned by the force I stopped. The mad man came down, but I didn't. I looked into his car and saw three other dodgy looking men.

As he approached my car, he yelled "You hit my car".

"I beg your pardon". At this point I was looking for the police/Lastma. I spotted an RSS truck on the other side of the road. And immediately drove there leaving the man standing by his car.

The scene
 For the first time in the weeks I've been driving by the round about, LASTMA and the Police were no where to to be found. As I was still looking out for them, this guy pulls up in front of my car and reverses into my poor poor Vanilla. At this point I absolutely lost it and surprised myself with all the foul launguage coming from my mouth.

My baby :-(

Thankfully one of the guys from work (God Bless Chris) came to my rescue and asked me to leave the scene and he would handle it. At which point the guy stopped insulting me; so because he saw men, his tone changed and he couldn't remember to accuse me of allegedly hitting him. *sigh.

Now you are wondering why I was crying:
1. I don't know this man from anywhere so why would he delibrately hit my car?
2. If I was the one who hit him, I would have apologised immediately so why couldn't he do the same?
3. My poor poor V. I have had my baby for almost 7 years and cause I love her, I am really careful with her and I have not had to do any major body work on her.

Ladies, I'll advise you to be careful. This scenario where someone has deliberately hit my car has happened to me before. That day in Ajah I thought I was dreaming like today as well. There are mean people out there. I didn't come out of my car because I had been warned about groups of men in cars who have been going around Lagos bumping into cars of young women only to rob and kidnap them. Guys you be careful too.

If anyone can bring me ice cream at work today, that would cheer me up.