Of Life

Image via Giorgio Armani

Looks like everyone seems to be on this "Of Life" trend. Everyone has their own meaning of "of life". Let me try and explain this to you . . . So I've got this friend who's really bubbly, friendly, fun to be around, has jokes for day and loves to enjoy life, next thing I know everyone starts calling him *Pierre of life. And then when Hadi's favourite song was Tunde Ednut's "Catching cold" she called described it as a "jam of life".  You get it?

It looks like even Giorgio Armani is jumping on this Of life trend with their new campaign; Frames of Life. The Frames of Life is an eyewear campaign which was initially launched in 2010 by the brand and now it's back with something new. "In every frame of our lives, there are so many stories meeting, crossing and interweaving." They  and Luxottica are now putting together short films surrounding five characters and their eye wear.

I remember the first designer frames I ever got were by Emporio Armani. I was 17 and cool. Lol! There'll always be a bond between me and Armani (still saving to buy a pair of Armani jeans). Check out the trailer for Giorgio Armani Frames of Life below:

Will be sharing a story of me and my frames "of life" soon.

Until then, I am That Ré of life :-)

*Not real name.