I published this post and then I deleted it because it stirred concern amongst my friends and offended some people. Now I'm publishing it again because the truth is we all need to express ourselves one way or the other. Plus it was my first angry post. Let it be.

I’m the type of girl who keeps her mouth shut.

Almost like I only speak unless I’m spoken to.

You know how they say “the walls have ears”? Well I’m a wall just sitting there and soaking it all in. Now this wall is ready to crack.

I hate to see people disappointed or hurt so rather than express how I truly feel, I just keep quiet.

Even when people hurt or upset me, I hide and scream or hide and cry then appear with a smile (or my ever famous scowl) on my face like everything is OK.

When people say or do stuff, I just figure its cause its who they are or how they are. I am now tired of making excuses for them.

Tired of keeping my mouth shut, I want to talk!

Truth is, this is not me. I love to talk and I can talk.

So you think I’m stupid/ wired cause I keep mum, well I think you are stupid so I’m only going along and listening to your stupid stories.

Dear ex-friend, we are not friends, you hurt me, in ways not words but a knife can better express, so I will not talk to you ever. Don’t bother.

Me I go talk my mind.

Share with me, have you ever felt this way before?