Re's Wish List 2012

Ré's day comes up this Wednesday on the 28th of November and I'm looking forward to it. I love birthdays, mine especially!

Feel like it's my own new year, my own January 1st happens on the 28th of November. Somebody set off the fireworks! :-)

Looking back at the past year, I'd say things have been pretty great. I've made a couple of dumb (very very foolish) mistakes and but thank God, I've learnt from them. 

I'm proud to say I have achieved all my visions for this year apart from one thing which is going to happen next year.

Now to my wish list.  

1. Christian Dior Poison
I absolutely love "Hypnotic Poison". Feel free to get me anu of the three though.
 2.Canon EOS 600D Camera
Last year I couldn't decide what camera I wanted. This year I know what I want.
3.15 inch Macbook Pro and (or) iPad
Had a dream someone bought me an iPad. If you love me I know you'll make this dream come true. LOL
4.  A Panda
Yes I still want a Panda. Well if I can't have one, I'd like to see a  'real' one. Been watching random videos of Pandas online. They look so cute
I can't think of anything else.I love surprises! So surprise me!

Thank you!

Have a wonderful week everyone. xxx


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