Love Thyself

Sometimes I feel really down and then I get into a mood that I can't get out of. I find it really hard to even smile. The thing is I have a thousand and one reasons . . . scratch that, a million and one reasons to be happy. Yet I let just one silly little thing get me down and start doubting myself. Woke up this morning and decided to stop beating myself up. I thought of all the adjectives people had used to describe me in this week and felt good :-)!

Precious                        Talented
  Great         Wonderful 
Amazing                        GodSent 
      Beautiful                  Angel  
Special     Awesome Ingenious

If there's one thing I've learnt this week don't sweat the small stuff. Everything does happen for a reason. Stop beating yourself up for silly mistakes, wrong decisions and things beyond your control not going your way.

Love thyself no matter the situation. Did I mention I got the promotion I told you I was working towards!!

Like a match to a flame! This girl is on fire!!!!

Have a fab weekend/week ahead!