Who Promised You Tomorrow?

Who promised you tomorrow?

Who told you it was yours and you could have it just like that?

Causally throwing around 'tomorrow's day' in conversations. 

See you tomorrow,

Talk to you tomorrow,

Call me tomorrow,

Email me tomorrow,

Why not today?

Who promised you tomorrow?

It's not just another day,

It's totally different from today, 

Extremely different from today.

If it can be done today,

Why tomorrow?

Who promised you tomorrow?

Sitting there dreaming about tomorrow,

A tomorrow where everything is ok,

And everything goes exactly your way,

Wake up!

Who told you to trust tomorrow? 

A day that may be for you or not,

A day filled with unpredictable events.

Do you know where you'll be tomorrow?

Do you know what will happen tomorrow?

What do you know about tomorrow?

What do I know about tomorrow?

All I know is I'm living for today,

Always having God in mind,  

Whilst praying and hoping for tomorrow.

My friend and neighbour Aboyowa 'Abs' Harriman passed away yesterday morning.

Last thing I said to him was see you tomorrow.

Tomorrow came and he wasn't there . . .

I thank God for his life and letting me be a part of it. I'll miss our morning conversations, after work gist and hearing his hearty laugh from over the walls of our house.
Adieu friend of mine. Till we meet again. 

Princess Re