The Wedding Crasher

Don't really like going for weddings except I know the bride or the groom or family or something. Nigerian weddings always have a way of turning into carnivals. I hate crowds. Dear Future Husband, I'm all up for a destination wedding, I want to be able to remember every thing that happens on that day and share it with only our family and real friends. (Am I selfish for this?)

A year ago, I went to a friend's sisters wedding on the mainland, from there my friends decided to go to another wedding on the Island. And I agreed to tag along since I knew the bride's younger sister (at that time, that was a good enough reason to crash the wedding).

The wedding on the Island was so beautiful and the great thing about it was that there were loads of people I knew there. I noticed my neighbour was also there, he's older than I am, but we cool. So he walks up to me to ask if I was OK, if I wanted a drink et al.

As I get back into grooving, he come to chat with me again asking for my mum, sisters, who did I come with . . . and I mention I was with some friends. Then I ask him "Who did you come with?" He looks at me surprised and then starts laughing hard, while I'm wondering what I've said that's so funny, he calls out to his friend to come hear the question I asked him and that one starts laughing as well and replies "Its his wedding o!"

The thing is I saw his sisters in aso ebi, but I didn't think anything of it, just thought they were related to whoever's wedding it was. When I go to weddings, I usually look out for the bride and groom and say hello to them (even when I don't know them). This time, I was already happy thanks to the alcohol I had at the other wedding so I didn't think of it.

Chai! I was embarrassed. Before you laugh at me, tell me you've never crashed a wedding. You have haven't you?

All dressed up for a wedding I was invited to :-)