I'm Back!

Hi beautiful people!

How’s everyone been?

Haven’t blogged in a few weeks. And I do feel bad about it. I’ve been writing though, but not blogging. See my excuses below :-) :

1. I've been busy. Aren't we all?? Well I’m working towards a promotion (and a raise).
I work HARD
2. I went away on holiday (again). Really needed to get away. 

3. Been lost in thought. Busy planning the future. You know how you make plans and you are so sure everything would go your way . . . *sigh. But other things you didn’t plan for happen? Well I'm dealing with that.

Sometimes I feel like no one comes here or reads my blog, but in the last 3weeks, I’ve had nine people I never thought would read my blog ask me “When’s your next post?” “Why haven’t you blogged?” Thanks for reading and proving me wrong!

I Princess Iré promise to blog at least once a week.

Have a great week everyone!