Why I Love The Water

Whenever I’m stressed, there are different things I do to relax myself. There's:
*Junk Food therapy: Pringles, Ribena, Coke and Chocolate (in any form).

*Retail Therapy (Not necessary clothes, maybe a book or even a hair scrunchie)

*Water Therapy

A couple of weeks ago, I was so stressed about Lord knows what, anyways, I decided to engage in some water therapy, so I got my friend Ese, went to buy a large cup of ice cream and went to the beach at 7:25pm!

Have any of you guys been to the Bar beach in Victoria Island before? I was one of those people who wondered why the Lagos State Government was messing with nature by putting/building huge concrete blocks on the sand. But men in the process of walking down the beach looking for where to sit, the water seemed just too close and I swear if it had a face, it would be an angry one, it seemed as if it wanted to send one huge wave over us and onto the main road. I’m not exaggerating, ask Ese.

Photo Credit: Hadi D
When I was younger, my mum told me this story: that when the IBM plaza now Fin bank was built, the sea people aka mermaids as we call them: mammy water had a problem with it cause the windows which are like reflectors used to send the reflection of the sun into the water so it seemed as though there were two suns shining under the sea. The sea people got upset with this and sent a messenger to the Oba's palace down the road to tell him about it. The Oba was of no help to them. So they took matters into their own hands and decided to chase the people out. So whenever it rained, they used that opportunity to send waves in that direction and cause a flood.

Have you ever been to the beach at night???

Photo Credit: Hadi D 
It is so beautiful! We found a nice log in front of the water and sat down and ate ice cream. It was so soothing. The way the waves sent little splashes of water towards us, the cool sea breeze (I swear, it had this peppermint feel), the smell of salt.

We sat down and talked about what lay beyond the sea. There were these lights right across from us. And it looked so nice with the night sky.

Close your eyes and imagine, the night sky, tiny bright lights, the smell of sea salt and mint, cool breeze, the sound of roaring waves. Bet you feel relaxed already. . . Ré