Let's Try Something New

Been busy living life and enjoying every minute of it. Believe it or not, this sister is letting her hair down (I really am). Haven't done anything exciting yet (meaning I'm going to do something outrageous real soon); I like to entertain myself. Asides from work, I've been busy investing in myself and learning new stuff.

Took acting classes three, four weeks ago. I'm not thinking of becoming an actress but I've been told that to be a good presenter, you've got to be a good actor. While at I was at broadcasting school, I kept being told "Princess you are great but you need to know how to act your script". Now I'm learning. Acting class was so interesting got to meet creative minds and amazing film makers. During the improv circles, I heard my voice in a completely different way, I was scared. I just couldn't believe the voice I was hearing was mine. I've made a couple of videos. Will show you guys when I have the courage to.

The guys from acting class with Kunle Afolayan.
Social Media Marketing Boot Camp with Okechukwu Ofili: Seeing as I currently work in Digital Media (and marketing) I thought it would be important I attended it. Thank God I went, It was amazing. Won't be sharing what I learnt with you :p.

"The path to success is simple and straight forward". Photo Source: Ofilispeaks.com

Linda Ikeji at the bootcamp. (Confession: I'm a LIB'er. Don't judge me, I know you are too!)
Went to this this Fashion Film Talk thing a week ago with film maker Kathryn Ferguson and designer David Saunders. Just know my next fashion film will be fab. *Fingers crossed.

Last night, I started cooking classes with Chef Hassan. I CAN cook but don't you get tired of cooking and eating the same thing all the time. Right now, I absolutely refuse to eat rice or indomie (except I'm really hungry or I don't have a choice). Last night, I learnt how to make salad dressing from scratch, chilli, shredded chicken and beef, white sauce and chicken escalope.

Chips and Shredded beef. I had gone halfway tasting (eating) it then I remembered to take a picture 

Chicken Escalope, Chips and Veggies. Yum! Was real proud of myself till Bros mentioned it needed salt. My friend David called it the "unsalted escapade" Lol!
Looking forward to working at Chef H's restaurant this weekend. He's going to let me cook for his customer's after my 3rd lesson. Woo Hoo!

Have a fab day!