The First Post

Happy New Year everyone!

Its not the first day of the year but this is my first blog post this year, well it's not my first blog post this year but it's the first post I've put up this year on That Ré Of Sunshine. I've been blogging, just not here. Check out these blogs and website:

Just got back from holiday in Europe three days ago and I loved it. Waking up when I liked, eating non-stop, moving at my own pace and shopping!

First thing I did was buy myself a pair of boots!  (Hadi's boots)
While on holiday, I noticed just how commercial Valentine's day is. Yes it's always been, but I just noticed how commercial it is. Apparently, consumers spend more that $7 billion a year on chocolates. I wonder how much of this money is spent on chocolates on Valentine's day.

Since Monday its been work non stop for me at the Base. I miss being on holiday. Oh well, a sister has got to make that dough (and save to go on another holiday). ;-)

Its Shrove"Pancake" day today. Lent is here, still trying to decide what I'll be giving up. Off to the Cathedral to have some pancakes in an hour.

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