Re's Wish List

Its Ré's day, my birthday on the 28th of November. Been trying to come up with a list of things I want for my birthday. To be honest I have everything I want/need. I have a family, great friends, a good job and an amazing life. What more can a girl ask for! That doesn't mean I don't want presents! All the same I've decided to make things easy for you guys. Here's my wish list. The material stuff I want.

1. Diane von Furstenberg Purse
2. Christian Dior Poison: I love! I want any of the three. 

3. Charlatans (Polo) by iamISIGO
I wouldn't mind a black polo (with the Charlatan "Amy")

4. Beyonce 4

5. Digital SLR Camera
Still doing research on what one I want. Don't want anything serious. So I was told the Canon 500D was cool enough for me. Oh well, I'll leave you to do the research now.
6. Something Apple: An iPod touch or an iPhone 4s or an iPad2 or the new MacBook Air. Its in bible ask and you shall receive. So please don't say I'm pushing it.

7. A furry pet. Been saying I want a puppy for a while. Truth is I have a phobia for dogs plus I don't have the time to look after one. So I want a Panda or maybe a Kitten.
That's Taylor Swifts Scottish fold kitten. Its so adorable. I want one!
8. Rihanna TTT

9. A black bag, A Black Handbag. Just realized I don't have a black hand bag/purse.

10. Something from Amy Winehouse's Fred Perry Collection

Oh well, I can't think of anything else. Truth is whatever I get or you get me is just  fine. I love surprises! So surprise me!

Thank you! xxx