In Love With The Super Sun

Hearing his voice and the lyrics to the song Zucidaya and More you makes me want to fall in love. *sigh. Have you ever heard a song or a voice that just told you listen, relax, its ok to fall in love.

See me talking about love. Ha ha ha. This post was meant to be an open letter to Bez to please make his album Super Sun available on compact disc. Bros made it available only online for a while. Anyways, I finally got my Super Sun album almost a month ago (18/09/11) so all is well in the land of the Sun. Been playing this album non-stop, I swear I heard my dad singing along to Super Sun. My CD  had better not scratch.

"The 15 track Super Sun album was entirely produced by the enigmatic Cobhams Asuquo, with the exception of the track “I Know” co-produced by phenom, IBK. This album captures the rare and un-distilled essence of Bez."

Yes, I got it autographed too!
On the October 15th at the Life House, I watched Bez and his band perform live at the Felebration celebration. All I can say is I forgive him for me getting the album late.

It was a serious jam session. I've only seen a couple of Nigerian artist perform live and most of them are not that great. I've got to give it to BEZ. He's amazing. I love him! (Groupie love) Ha ha ha.

Have you ever watched a live band perform? Not an owambe band. A proper one. Its amazing. Bez's band was amazing, their synergy was explosive. All the sounds of the different instruments being played at the same time was . . .  I don't know how to describe it, magic to my ears? The next time you go watch a live band perform, take time out to watch each player; the singer/vocalist, the bassist, the other guitar players, the drummer, the violinist, etc one at a time, then listen to the combination of their sounds.

After witnessing such spectacular performance last Saturday, I don't blame any girl who falls for a guy in a band. I didn't know who to keep my eyes on during the performance. Bez was entertaining with his soothing voice and dance steps (dude did alanta with his guitar). His drummer is a BEAST. I think his name is Samuel! Homie was driving everyone in the crowd crazy. Then the other guitar player "White Boy" was insane!! At one point I couldn't take my eyes off his electric blue guitar. The sounds coming from it were hypnotic. 

In need of some easy listening music, feel good music, music for the soul? I would recommend you some BEZ. My favourite songs from Bez are; Stop Pretending, Super Sun, Zuchidaya, Technically, The Good, The Bad and The Ugly, I absolutely love More you and I almost forgot That Stupid Song.

If you've never heard Bez, I suggest you do, better still, go see him live if you can. Check out Bez's Website for more information about him.

Off to write my application to become a part-time member of Bez's band. I can't sing, so I'm applying to play the tambourine or rattle for them. ;-)