Happy 21st Teni & Keni

Yesterday, my gorgeous twin sisters Ten Ten and Keni G turned 21 years old.

Then. . .

This pic is blurry, but this is the twins at their 1st birthday. That's Teni with cake in her mouth and Keni  with her famous grin.

Now. . .

Sometimes, they annoy me and I wish I could sell them.(This year alone, I have put them up on sale on my blackberry personal message 4times). But if I don't hear from them for two days, I worry and miss them.

I hate it when they're home and make so much noise with their ceaseless banter and arguments, but the minute they're gone, I miss hearing their voices.

I can't stand it when they ask me or expect me to do things for them, then again, if they ask someone else, I get offended after all I'm their Big sis.

I absolutely hate it when they ask me questions I can't answer, no jokes, the twins think I'm a walking/breathing encyclopedia, map, dictionary, thesaurus, calculator,  proof reader, fortune teller, psychic et al. Truth is it makes me feel good when they ask me questions. It makes me feel really smart.

To be honest, I can't picture a life without the twins. Happy Birthday girls! Love you!

Princess Iré