Fear is an unpleasant sensation caused by nearness of danger or pain.

It seemed like an ordinary morning, but I didn’t know it wasn’t. It was six thirty in the morning, the darkness of night had started to fade away and somewhere around the corner, the demon called “FEAR” was lurking.

I was on my way to school. My brother happened to be driving. Everything seemed to be going on normally; the temperature was dropping, the sun was somewhere getting ready to rise, on morning radio, the presenters were getting ready to increase their pace. We were on the third mainland bridge when all of a sudden, the rain started coming down hard on the windscreen like it was going to shatter it. The unexpected change in weather had us startled. As we tried to figure out what was going on, that’s when the demon used that opportunity to enter the car.

Next thing we knew, we couldn’t see a thing. It was like we were in the middle of a mist. My brother was so shocked, even though the headlights of the car were fully on, we couldn’t see a thing. I then pushed the hazard light button. All the other cars seemed to do the same.  That way cars moved tailing after one another, it seemed like we were moving against the laws of kinetics and gravity.

I felt it as Fear took my brother and I ransom. It seemed like time froze and my mind began to wonder as my heart beat fast. All the time in my mind, I was thinking so many things, firstly I thought this is just like a scene in the movie ‘Day After Tomorrow’, can it be real? Then I started thinking could this be global warming at work? Has it caused a catastrophic shift in our planet’s climate? Is there going to be an ice storm next? Did the meteorologist in the country know about this? Do we even have climatologist in Nigeria?

As I thought all this, at the same time I was praying asking God to send us his Angels to help us sail through. Suddenly I felt it (Fear) slip out of the car and as we reached the end of the bridge, the weather cleared. Thanking God, I thought to myself I definitely never want to forget this day because it was the scariest day of my life.

The world's longest cross-sea bridge located in China.