Doritos Inventor Passes On

Are there ever times something random happens and you say thank you Jesus for the person who invented ____________ or you say thank you God for creating ____________ (fill in the blank space). Stop thinking I'm random. I always thank God for creating the person who invented electricity, the mobile phone, hand dryer and plastic.

Last night, while eating dinner; chocolate ice cream, Pringles and Doritos, I thanked God for creating their inventors.

This morning, I found out, the man who invented the Doritos chipsArch West had passed. In my mind, I was like seriously, some one created the Doritos chips O_O. (To myself: Noooo, it fell from the sky). The inventor died at the age of 97.

Archibald Clark West
08-09-1914 - 26-09-2011 RIP
Arch came up with the idea for the chip in 1961, after he went to a snack hut that was selling fried tortilla chips while on vacation with his family in Mexico.

According to a statement from his family, his body is to be cremated and placed in an urn. And they plan on tossing Doritos Chips in before they put the dirt over the urn.
Doritos (Image via wikepedia)
Oh well, I'll be making home made corn chips when I get home tonight. Will let you know how it goes.