As busy as a Bee, on that Big Friday P! Ooooo! Rhyming, I think just made a funny *Stewie Griffin voice. Lol, I'm razz, yes I know. 

MTV Base is celebrating the launch of its brand new Friday night entertainment show called The Big Friday Show that’s set to bring fireworks to Friday night TV! 

The Big Friday Show is an off-the-wall Friday night show, that cuts to the quick of Naija youth culture, combining a high profile host with celebrity interviews, entertainment news, hot music videos of the week, music performances and loads of other exciting stuff. The show will be aired on the MTV Base block on STV every Friday night from 18:00-19:00. Check out The Big Friday Show teasers.

Been busy organizing my first MTV party. Whoop woop! So excited and stressed. Check out The Big Friday Show promotion video.

Tomorrow is going to be a real busy day for me. Got to get some sleep now, See you at The Big Friday Show! x