Bert & Ernie Are Best Friends Nothing More!

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According to a Sesame Street rep, Burt and Ernie are not gay, or straight, for that matter. They’re just best friends and characters who were created to help teach the children of America.

Well there's been debate about this. The two have lived together since forever and have kept everyone wondering what exactly it was between them or if the producers were trying to pass across a hidden message to its audience. I remember someone telling me they used to sleep in the same bed. but from what I can remember, they had separate beds but they did have baths together with their yellow rubber duckie! I rememeber watching an episode of family guy (I think) where they were in the same bed. That was funny. *Insert Peter Griffin laugh here.

Anyways what brought this up was I was reading an article about how an online petition titled Let Ernie and Bert get married was launched and it had gathered over 6,000 signatures supporting the marriage. Ha ha ha! Some people have nothing to do. 

Oh well the producers of Sesame Street say even though they are identified as male characters and possess many human traits and characteristics, they remain puppets and do not have sexual orientation. So I guess means Ernie and Bert won't be getting married.

Lol. Will be blogging again soon. x