Walks, UnBirthday's and Chocolate cups

I don't mind walking to work, it takes me 8minutes 18seconds. Its actually five hundred and fifty seven steps from my house to my office. I know this cause I timed myself last week and counted my steps this morning.

I don't mind walking to work but the thing is people stare. Yeah I know I'm beautiful and I should be admired but haba look and move your eyes away. Thank you very much. Another thing is I get honked at and offered rides, I don't like the honking bit at all. Then when I'm enjoying my walk, the peace and quiet of the morning and the sight of the beautiful blue sky before me, the nosy neighbours ask me "where is your car?" "what is wrong with your car?" I can't walk again ni?

At work, its the Boss's Un-Birthday so she got everyone in the office Cupcakes!
I got a chocolate one! Lol. Yes I'm excited over it, bite me!

Got to go, its lunch time. I was on a 'self given' break at the beginning of this blog. Lol. Will be blogging again sooner than you think. x