R.I.P Amy Winehouse

Amy Winehouse
RIP 14-09-1983 - 23-07-2011

Amy Winehouse was such an amazing singer. I love her voice and the way she expresses herself in her music. "What type of fuckery is this?" I thought it was amazing how she poured her life and feelings into her music. So so sad that she's gone.  

Everyone's talking about how her alcohol/drug abuse got the best of her. Truth is we all have our 'own' demons. If you know yours and how to control yours, good for you. Based on reports in the news from her friends and family members, Amy was doing her best to give up her addiction. FYI, concerning her death, based on a post moterm carried out, 'the result is inconclusive' and her cause of death is unknown.
Tears Dry On Their Own is one of my favourite songs from Amy.

Got nothing else to say. RIP Amy. x