Right Now

Right now, I'm at work. This sister is done with Broadcasting school. Got a new job thanks to Hadi (I love you girl). Yes I know, I'm always doing one thing or the other, well that's the best way to gain experience and figure out what life has in store for me.

Check out my friend Shirley's blog: Another boring article about Love. We got the most exciting news  two weeks ago about Livy little bundle of joy. Then Madame Shirley decided to write a story. After reading it, it was obvious the characters were based on her real life friends. Oh well, I'm Terry in the story.

Oh yeah, I changed the name of my blog to That Ré of Sunshine, I feel this best describes me; Irede- Ire- Ré, you get it? My blog url has changed too its no longer Ire's Thoughts, its now http://thatreofsunshine.blogspot.com/  so change your bookmarks et al.

Got to get back to work. Have a great week everyone. x