The With GAIA Experience

Last Sunday at Mente De Moda, I got a massage. *sigh. It was so relaxing that when I stood up, I felt so drowsy. It felt so good, I had to ask the With Gaia massage therapist/masseuse Gabriel if I could take him home. I mean, it would be nice if whenever I got home from a stressful day, he was there. Oh well, he's opening a training school soon, so i'll be sending the future husband there some day.

With Gaia Limited offers massage therapy to reduce and manage the stress of the Nigerian worker through on-site massage. It also offers the 'corporate chair massage' which doesn't take a lot of time and is received fully clothed with no messy oils, so you can always call them for a quickie ;-).

The benefits of the With Gaia massage are immeasurable including and not limited to; releasing stress and fatigue, releasing body aches and pains, opening the mind and increasing alertness, increasing morale and productivity, lowering blood pressure, improving circulation and enhancing emotional well being.

For more information and to enjoy their mobile massage services, email: or call 0818772614307054425126.

Listening to some feel good music and thinking about my massage With Gaia . . . x