The Journalist

Currently, i'm not working anywhere, I've got my PR company so I guess you can say i'm working for myself and once again i'm in Broadcasting school. Some one asked me the other day why I was so keen on broadcast journalism. Hmmmn. . .

Well, my major reason for building a career in this field is to bring about change. I believe through this profession, I will be able to make a (social) change in our society by expressing my points and views as well the views of other to the people on matters affecting them and the society. Through the media, so many great broadcasters like Funmi Iyanda, Patrick Oke, Frank Olize,Larry King and Oprah Winfery (just to mention a few) have been able to pass across knowledge we never knew of and influence people to the greatest of ways.

As a journalist, it is my duty to pass across information to others. My decision to become a Broadcast Journalist is so that I can play a part in making our society a better place.

Here's a link for my first CNN ireport:

Will be blogging again sooner than you think. x