The Definition of Sound

Definition of Sound, D.O.S is a Nigerian pop group founded by the late Meny Ema and Deremi Adewunmi during their high school years at King’s college Lagos. The group originally consisted of seven members but later reduced to three members.

D.O.S released their 1st single “Can’t stop” in the summer of 2008. The song helped build substantial followership for the group, particularly in the University of Lagos where they were undergraduates at the time. It also allowed the group to grace the same stages as artists such as 9ice, Banky W and Roof Top Mcs. However due to in-house differences, the group again reduced to two members leaving Deron (Deremi) and Dee-y (Dayo) as the only remaining members of the group.

DOS: Deron and Dee-Y
After spending sometime behind the scenes rebranding and harnessing their talents, the two brothers by birth, Deron and Dee-y, redefined their sound, snowballing their separate experiences and uniqueness into the musical phenomenon that is today D.O.S.

The recently released “Folashade” is the 1st single from the yet to be named D.O.S album. 2011 marks the official launch of D.O.S into the mainstream market.

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Can't wait for their album. I'm officially a member of the DOS fan club. Call me a groupie if you must.I've got everyone around me asking who Folashade is.
Ta ta. x
Pictures on post and video were taken by Temi B.