Accessories And Things

Got a new client, so I must say this PR business seems to be going good for me right now. Officially, I’m the director of Interphabe Trust Limited. Yes a sister has got a ‘registered company’. For now, all my company handles is Publicity/Public relations and the works. I'm so excited! I love saying ‘my company’!

The name of my new client is Accessories for you By Diri run by Diri Onyenani. It’s your one stop-shop for fashion jewellery and accessories. Available at Accessories for you by Diri are jewellery pieces ranging from gold, sterling silver, stainless steel, costume jewelry, coral beads and other precious stones and accessories including earrings, rings, bracelets, watches, brooches, anklets, necklaces, bridal jewellery, key holders, belts, perfume, hair accessories/jewellery and sanitary products.

Here are a few of my favourite pieces from the shop. 

Visit Accessories 4 U By Diri at CANDY 21A Kofo Abayomi Street, Victoria Island, Lagos. +t2348067366633,+2348097277240


(FYI: That Re Of Sunshine has now been registered as a PR company.)