Main Course: Tidings Of Joy

This post was supposed to come much earlier than this but a sister was busy planning bridal shower, looking for a job and helping Livy with wedding planning stuff.

This bridal shower was the first I have ever organised for any of my friends. It turned out to be so much fun, never mind during

the advice session, me and one of the girls had an argument about when to have kids. In my own opinion, after getting married, I would wait two or three years before having kids. I mean, raising kids is a full time job and requires dedication, love, care and plenty of attention and money. And me I can't bring a child to the world to suffer. In the words of Ese, "anything can happen!"

I can't believe this wedding has come and gone, after months and months of planning; just one day and it was all over. Wedding planning is so stressful, even when you have a wedding planner. Weddings are also very expensive especially when you want good quality from the cake, drinks, food, venue, decorations, flowers, dresses, shoes, etc. All the same, I can't wait for my own big day!!!

I spent last weekend literally running, walking and dancing in heels. One of my best friend's Livy got married last Saturday. There was the pre-party on Friday the day before the wedding which went well only I felt the ladies needed a lot of alcohol in their system, and the guys needed to loosen up, it was a bit too calm for me.

Thank God the wedding was at 1pm, this sister was moving in slow motion. Surprisingly, between ironing, fixing up our hair, make up et al we were all ready before 12:40pm.

The wedding was so so beautiful, the bride looked so beautiful. When it got to the part of saying the vows, I swear, I wanted to go and shake Livy and say "sister do you know what you are doing? You are getting married, no more single life, no more me and the girls". I had tears in my eyes oh! Wanted to cry, still haven't cried. Almost cried at the dinner after the wedding, OMG I will miss my friend!

It was a great weekend, one of the best I've had this year; re-connected with old friends and made new ones. Here's a toast to new beginnings , Olivia and Buchi, happy married life! xxx