This is something I should have started a long time ago; creating a blog, but I'm just doing it now. I guess I just needed that push (Thank you Hadiza and Oyinwa).

Just finished NYSC camp a couple of weeks ago and I've come to realise with all the fetching of water/lifting metal buckets, jogging, marching, sleeping on the floor and living each day on a ready planned time-table, I'm not a boot camp girl. In other words, I can't live without the luxuries of the world ; running water (in the bathroom), a toilet I can sit on, hot water, ready made appetising food, air conditioning, power points to charge my phones, my bed and four pillows, etc.

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Now I'm in the real world and this sister needs to get a JOB. Got posted to an I.T company, but that's not where my heart is. I'm trying to build a career for myself in Broadcast Journalism. I studied Mass Communication, majored in broadcasting, took a basic broadcast presentation course at FRCN. Seems like I'm putting my CV on my blog. Lol. Anyways, all I'm looking for now is an opportunity in a media company or firm, you know, a TV or radio station.

One thing's for sure I've got talent, I'm not bragging or anything, I mean I went through a phase where I didn't believe in myself, yet all the people in my life did, even people I was just meeting for the first time. Now, this sister has got her act together, I'm putting myself out there cause I'm ready to take on the world.

Princess Irede Abumere is the real thing!

Watch out! (Nigerian movie trailer voice) lol. x